My Favourite Instagram Accounts

These are the accounts that I find most pleasing to my eyeballs. The ones that I stop scrolling to admire. The ones that are annoyingly good. 


If there's one thing that really pleases my eyeballs, it's a fashion editorial, in particular a fashion portrait. And these girls GET ME.

Anya Holdstock: Anya is a London based photographer. Her portraits are warm, soothing and dreamy.

Jessica Ruscoe: Photographer/Stylist/Illustrator this girl can spell those words. Lol she is actually all those things and more. Her film photography and styling gives me life.

Unconditional Magazine: Unconditional is an independent biannual magazine run by Alexandra Nataf and Ilona Hamer. Their content is beautifully uncomplicated, sleek and minimal.


These are some designers who admire and are inspired by me. Lol kidding it's 100% the other way around.

Maddy Ritchie: Maddy not only has a great name but is an amazing multidisciplinary designer currently living her best life in Austria. Her work is bold and incredibly detailed.

AM:PM: Jessica Holmes of AM:PM is a brilliant designer and collage kween. Gal loves to combine pink and red which I am so here for.

Jasmine Dowling: Jasmine is une powerhaus. Her lettering, design work and photography makes me mad I love it so much.

Eloise Jenkins: Eloise is a wonderful designer whose branding and collage work is beautifully contemporary, sleek and feminine.

Light of Leni: Helen from Light of Leni is a gorgeous letterer who has never met a surface she couldn't letter on. Coat hanger's, marble, doormats, WOT.

Habitual Feels: Their collages are outta dis word. Beautiful, romantic, statement pieces every last one of them.


Gabi Klein: Gabi is a brillant illustrator/designer/sensei whose line illustrations focus on the female form. Her accompanying captions are wonderful little nuggets of wisdom that are annoying profound for someone of her baby twenty-two years.

Kristy Ford: Kristy is an amazing illustrator/designer whose line illustrations of the female visage and sometime flowers sometimes animals are stop and stare good. 

Jeanette Getrost: Jeanette is a fashion illustrator whom I have long admired. Her traditional style fashion illustrations amaze me errytime. 

These are a collection of artists and illustrators whom I have long admired, bought from and in some lovely cases, become friends with.

Anya Brock: Anya is a Perth artist and one of the first artists that I bought from ( tbh it was a Christmas present, didn't pay for it. But my love for it is the same if not more). Her work is beautiful, colourful and moody.

Vanessa Vanderhaven: This gal is an incredible fashion illustrator whose work is scary good, like I sometimes get goosebumps. She is also an amazing illustration teacher and that is a fact cos I took her class and boy was I good. 

Kat Bak: Kat's life drawing works are so beautiful and inspiring. The minimal contour and continuous line is right up my alley.

Manjit Thapp: Manjit is a British illustrator whose wonderfully vibrant and detailed works focus on people of colour.

Jess Cochrane: Jess is a artist who photographs and then paints over portraits of female subjects. Her work is evocative, provocative, wowocative. Not a word but I had a good thing going.

Elle Campbell: Elle is Perth based abstract artist specialising in large-scale silk and linen works. Her paintings are like nothing I've ever seen, she is an incredible artist/human being.

Katy Smail: Katy is an illustrator/art director whose female painted portraits are whimsical and wonderful.


These are the main accounts that I look to for illustration inspiration. 

Fumi: This account, run by an anonymous angel doing God's work, is my secret weapon. It curates fashion editorials from all over and notes the publication it came from, the model featured and the photographer. It has really helped me to discover new models and photographers.

CLO: Run by Lauren Faye, this account is a beautiful curation of editorial and architectural photography that I find useful for both references and wonder.

Keep: Keep is another curated account that I love. This one features mainly fashion content from brands with a minimal aesthetic and sleek tailoring.